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The James Baldwin School

It is our mission to provide a philosophical and practical education for all students, an education that features creativity and inquiry, encourages habitual reading and productivity, as well as self-reflection and original thought. We agree with Socrates that the “unexamined life is not worth living,” and it is our desire to prepare students to live thoughtful and meaningful lives. We are committed to inspiring the love of learning in our students.

“It is your responsibility to change society if you think of yourself as an educated person.”
—James Baldwin


We are accepting applications for Fall, 2023.

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"Classroom Conversation"


The James Baldwin School is a community, not just a school.  A community is a group of people who share common interests, concerns, and values. While we want to cultivate and help you find your unique talents and individual voice, being part of our school is agreeing to share our common ideals and expectations. 

Our curriculum and teaching, school culture and ceremonies, rules, regulations, and habits of interaction – inside the classroom and out – are based on the following Core Values:

  • Respect for Humanity

  • Respect for Diversity

  • Respect for the Intellect

  • Respect for the Truth

  • Commitment to Peace

  • Commitment to Justice

  • Commitment to Democracy


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